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Mayor fan of grass for Toronto FC
April 22, 2009, 8:22 AM
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Mayor David Miller, who has attended Toronto FC soccer games with his family, said today he would like to see the professional football club play on grass instead of turf.

But when the team and the city brokered a deal for BMO Field at Exhibition Place, part of the agreement hinged on community benefits: mainly the installation of a big bubble over the playing field in winter for the use of children and community indoor leagues.

“I’d like to see grass there,” Mr Miller said. “If there’s going to be grass there we have to find another place to bubble in the winter to provide the place for young soccer players to get a good start in Toronto. Part of the goal of this stadium was to increase the quality of soccer in Canada and the accessibility to young people.”

The Mayor said if the bubble is moved, FC can have grass – but he said football club owners Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment would have to foot the bill for both moving of the bubble and the removal of the artificial surface.

“I think there’s a reasonable chance we can get grass but that’s the big hurtle,” he said. “They have a duty to provide that space and it’s understandable. We want young people to have a chance. The stadium should be for every Torontonian, not just the pros.”

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Mayor Miller praises TFC
February 27, 2009, 11:10 AM
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Mayor David Miller’s five favourite things to do in Toronto:

1. Attending a Toronto FC game at BMO Field. “Fantastic. Packed, showing the face of Toronto, people from every background, all on the same team. Not only that, this year when you go to a TFC game you’re going to see the team that’s going to win the championship of MLS.”

2. Taking the ferry ride over from Toronto Island. “My former number one, now number two, is taking the ferry ride over from the Island, particularly towards sunset. It is fabulous.”

3. Running across the Humber River pedestrian/cycling bridge and adjacent path. “That beautiful, curved arched bridge in the west end of Toronto, and it’s running across there, which I do at least a couple of times a week. Rain, snow, sleet, it doesn’t matter. It gives you a different sense of Toronto, you see downtown, you’re connected to the lake. It’s fantastic.”

4. Going to a sporting event with his kids. “My son’s hockey games, my daughter’s soccer games. She’s the goalie and last year in the league championship, it went to penalty shots and she stopped them all. There is nothing like being part of that, community sports, and seeing your child succeed. I used to be a striker in soccer, so to see my daughter be a goalie – whoa!”

5. Going to a neighbourhood restaurant, pub or coffee shop and talking or listening to Torontonians.  “I could pick lots of (places). I don’t want to pick just one. Everybody has their favourite spot. We’re a city of neighbourhoods, and if you go to one of those public places – the coffee shops, the pubs, the little restaurants, and the public libraries. Those are places where Torontonians get together and become Torontonians. All those neighbourhoods are alive and that’s what Toronto’s all about.”

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