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Ben Knight: Brennan should pass on the armband
January 29, 2010, 12:04 PM
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Jim Brennan is a wonderful guy.

Friendly, approachable, clever, smiles a lot, cares hugely about what he does.

But as Toronto FC commences training camp for the 2010 MLS campaign, it is clear that Jimmy B should step down as the captain of the Reds.

Yes, he was the first player the franchise signed.  Yes, his experience – England, Canada, three seasons of fulltime play for TFC – dwarfs most, if not all, of his teammates’.

Age is one factor.  Although he had some great moments in 2009, the 33-year-old has slowed a bit – which was painfully clear at times, particularly at the back.

Versatility should work in his favour.  Even though he’s mostly been deployed at fullback, he was the only man on the team last season who could semi-reliably get a decent cross in from the left side.

But as the youth on the roster continues to develop – Attakora and Gomez at the back, Cronin and maybe Sanyang in the mid – competition for playing time will increase.  Brennan’s on-field minutes are very likely to decline.

Then there’s the ceaseless turmoil that gripped Toronto FC throughout 2009.  It’s more than reasonable, methinks, to question the effectiveness of a captain who failed to put a clear stamp on either the controversial ousting of popular striker Danny Dichio, or that humiliating 0-5 loss to the PopCans on Massacre Night at the Meadowlands ©.

When TFC began, Brennan was go-to experienced veteran.  Three years later, both Julian de Guzman and Dwayne de Rosario have clearer claims to that crown.  One of them should take the mantle now.

On the sidelines, there is little doubt that new coach Preki will not settle for the clammy, clinging inconsistency that murdered this team’s post-season chances a year ago.  But the players need one of their own to commit to leadership by example – and make it actually stick.

Brennan remains valuable, but is now a diminishing resource.  Let him pass the armband on, and concentrate on staying healthy, and making plays.

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Brennan sees higher standard
March 3, 2009, 11:09 AM
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Toronto FC captain Jim Brennan believes added depth in the squad will be a key factor in the Reds’ ability to make the playoffs this season. Brennan has been impressed with the quality of the team in preseason so far. “There is a buzz around the camp and the standard has obviously gone up,” he said. “We’ve lacked depth over the last couple of seasons, but now we have it and that will make a big difference this year.”The latest addition to the team was Brennan’s former Canadian international teammate Adrian Serioux who was signed from FC Dallas last week to bolster the team’s defence. “I’ve known Adrian for a very long time and I think it is great for the club and for Canada,” said Brennan.

“Slowly but surely we are starting to get a few more Canadian guys into the club which is great for the fans and the club. It’s also good for the youngsters around here that want to play for Toronto one day. With Adrian coming he adds a lot of strength at the back he’s got the experience and I think he will be a great asset for us. Defensively we are getting a few more players in. I think all over the park you need to have depth, especially in this league when players are going to be away on international duty, you need guys to be able to come in and do a job,” explained Brennan.

After a month of preseason, Brennan is delighted with the way preparation for the new campaign is progressing. “It has been great so far,” he said. “There is a buzz around the camp and the standard has obviously gone up. The training has been first class and the guys are working hard. There is a belief going around right now. All of the guys who have come in have settled in right from day one. Everyone can’t wait for the first game of the season.”

Jim Brennan interview on Toronto FC TV 

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