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TFC CONCACAF Superpower?
January 26, 2009, 12:53 PM
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As per MLSR….

Please do NOT disclose my name but I had the fortune of having dinner with someone close to TFC over the weekend and they gave me some insight into what the “big picture” is about the club’s future plans in a conversation lasting about 45 minutes. I’ll give you a brief synopsis:

Bringing DeRo back was a priority that now that it has been completed means they can now focus on even bigger things such as:

1- A grass pitch at BMO Field (this is certain to happen, the only question now is when).

2 – Seat expansion to 30,000-35,000 eventually.

3. The construction of either a full or partial roof over the seating.

4. A real partnership with a top tier English Premier League club.

5. Young Designated Player from South America as striker.

6. Real investment in its youth academy and the building eventually of a residential academy where young players can live and go to school.

7. More community involvement, perhaps the building of a TFC sports centre where fans can become members and play soccer, basketball as well as work out the TFC way in a TFC branded and themed gym and spa.

8. Plans to become a continental superpower in CONCACAF’s Champions League. The goal this year is to win it and get a spot at the FIFA Club World Cup.

9. The building of a TFC youth academy in Brasil to keep an eye on and perhaps sign young players.

10. An eventual trade for a 2nd DP slot.

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