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TFC gets a Star
February 8, 2010, 12:15 PM
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A couple of years ago, when the disgusting greedbags who run CONCACAF decided there was money to be made in the creation of a CONCACAF Champions League, modeled after similar competitions around the world (but, of course, most notably in Europe), they found there was one slight problem:

Despite the fact that almost every flea-bitten third world sinkhole of a country with more than a couple dozen residents and/or cattle has a domestic professional league and could thus send a “Champion” thereof to serve as fodder for the Mexicansides, our neighbor to the North had, as has been noted in this space once or twice in the past, no national league.

And unlike in the case of most of the other countries who find themselves similarly leagueless – eg. Guyana, Montserrat and the Cayman Islands – Canada actually has a sizable population, a little money and enough TV sets to make it a market from which Warner & Co. (motto: “No Cash Left Unstolen”) can wring a few bucks.

So with the entirely unacceptable alternative of actually leaving a few dollars on the table having been cast aside with the hearty “Yo-ho-ho” of the true pirates that they are, a lot of Canadian residents – particularly those in Southern Ontario – felt that the best solution was to simply send Toronto FC since, as the only Division I professional team in the entire country, they were obviously a) the only ones qualified and b) were beyond question the best team in the country.

Unfortunately, not even the shameless crooks who operate CONCACAF were able to swallow that idea. If Canada was going to have an entry in the “Champions” league then said entry was simply going to have to be the “Champion” of something.

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