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BMO Field Expands by 1,249 seats
January 4, 2010, 6:20 PM
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Executive Committee approves 1,249 new seats at BMO Field/National Soccer Stadium at sole cost of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

This was a bit of a no-brainer (although anyone that has ever had the misfortune of covering municipal council at any level knows that “brain” can often be in short supply there). The seats will be elevated above the beer garden in the north end of the stadium.

Many had hoped that the seats would replace the beer garden, but that was never in the cards. The insistence of everyone at MLSE on calling it the Carlsberg Beer Garden whenever it is referred to should give you a good indication as to why that was.

The problem with the beer garden is that it’s just too tempting of a place for the more casual fans to watch the game from. Or, “watch” as the case may be. That, in turn, makes BMO Field look far emptier than it is (people in the beer garden aren’t in their seats, which, in turn, makes for lots of empty seats). It isn’t a big deal, but it would help for atmosphere if everyone was sitting in the stands instead of hitting on beer girls.

The design of the new section might actually make the beer garden more enticing on cold or wet days, as it might provide some cover on the garden floor. We’ll have to wait to see what exactly it looks like when it’s up and running to be sure.

When It’s Called Football last spoke to Paul Beirne about the expansion, he said that most of the new seats would be held back for sale to the general public as single game tickets. That should, at least, ensure that those sitting in the north end are invested in being there. With the North End Elite to play off of (as well as the visiting supporters on some occasions) it has the potential of being a pretty rowdy section. Hell, it will be on top of a beer garden!

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Just a little disagreement with you here. I have been a season ticket holder for 3 years never been to my seat. To say that people in the bar are not into the game is wrong!. I get to the stadum 1 hour befor kick off so i can get a table along the fence line. We have a great sight line of the game. While it is true many people do not pay attention the majority who can see are well into the match on the field. I agree with you the new seats above the bar will add to the fever pitch of BMO. Cant wait. I have a feeling that MLSE will do a good job in keeping the bar and the atmospher of the stands intact! TFC!!!TFC!!!

Comment by liam

P.s. I do still hit on beer girls! During half time!

Comment by liam

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