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TFC fans threw beer at Drew Carey
April 6, 2009, 4:24 PM
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Drew Carey, the host of The Price is Right hardly had a Bob Barker-Adam Sandler rumble type moment from Happy Gilmore Saturday. It was a beer thrown at the Seattle minority owner, after Carey’s side soundly beat the home side 2-0. The $10 beer may have been meant for Carey, but the television star walked away with nothing more than a few drops on his blue and green scarf “It was a great toss but the reporter standing in front of me got it worse,”Carey said. Nothing could have spoiled Carey’s day, after his expansion Sounders moved to 3-0. “And we get as many X-Box’s (Sounders sponsor) as we want. You guys get all the B-M-O’s you want. Whatever they are,” Carey joked. Well Drew, BMO is a bank. And many fans in attendance on a cold, windy day in Toronto would have asked themselves, what exactly they paid for.

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Straight from the source I was the reporter with Drew Carey when the beer was thrown.

Although it was surprise we did not feel at all “victimized”.

Drew Carey is a comedian and both of us laughed about it.

Best part it was all caught on camera.

Check it out here

Bianca Santos
Toronto Sports Show
Rogers TV

Comment by Bianca Santos

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