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Food review: the new offerings from TFC
April 2, 2009, 9:26 AM
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Good stadium food has to meet two main requirements: One, it has to be the kind of food you want to wash down with an ice cold beer, which usually means a meat and carb-rich item. Most sports fans are beer drinkers, and this is how they want to chow down.

Show me the person at the big game hankering for arugula skewers with a nice crisp chardonnay and I will show you someone apt to be beat up in the parking lot after the final buzzer.

Two, good stadium food has to be easy to eat, which in the best-case scenario means you can eat it with one hand. Few people want to have to sit there with their knees together making a little table on which they use a knife and fork to cut their spaghetti. That kind of arrangement is way too messy and awkward when the excitement of a goal causes you to leap to your feet.

But in a city as culturally rich as Toronto, the food at any major sporting event should reflect the city’s range, especially when it comes to a team like the Toronto FC. “We have a very diverse fan base,” says Robert Bartley, executive chef and director of culinary for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

Today, MLSE held a taste-testing event to reveal the new items that will be on the menu at BMO Field this year. How do the new foods stack up?

Mac n’ Cheese Fritters (pictured at top)
Chef’s description: “Making an old time favorite new again, packed full of flavor with and without smoked bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese.”
Country of origin: United States.
Originality factor: Mac n’ cheese may not be new, but Mac n’ cheese in a breaded ball deserves top points for solving the conundrum of how to let sports fans eat it with one hand.
Why it scores: The breaded coating makes for a great texture with the smooth and creamy inside.
Reason to red card it: There’s four in a serving, and after putting three balls in your mouth the fourth is bound to taste a little bland.

Crispy chicken curry rolls
Chef’s description: A hand held taste of Mumbai. Seasoned chicken in fragrant curry sauce and Basmati rice, rolled and served crispy, hot and with traditional mango chutney.
Country of origin: India.
Originality factor: Let’s give the people at MLSE points for showing India a little love. You’re not going to get this at a Leafs game.
Why it scores: Packed with rice and served in a thick roti roll, it’ll create solid base for fans that need food to soak up suds.
Reason to red card it: It’s a bit on the dry side. Make sure to load it up with the chutney.

Nathan’s Hot Dog:
Chef’s description: “Today, Nathan’s has gained [a] reputation for being among the highest quality hot dogs in the world.”
Country of origin: United States.
Originality factor: Not much. It’s just a hot dog, after all.
Why it scores: It’s a very good hot dog. The team at MLSE actually tested more than 100 kinds of hot dogs earlier this year, so you know you’ve got the best dog going.
Reason to red card it: You can get a hot dog anywhere. Go for something more out of the ordinary.

Angus Meatball Sandwich
Chef’s description: “Seasoned meatballs in rich tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms and Provolone cheese.”
Country of origin: Italy.
Originality factor: Minimal.
Why it scores: The tomato sauce is awesome and it’s loaded with cheese.
Reason to red card it: With the exception of a favourite xxxxx, Ye Olde Chip Butty, it’s one of the greasiest menu items.

Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom Sausage
Chef’s description: “With caramelized onions—great for the side line BBQ offering an unique flavour profile.”
Country of origin: Canada.
Originality factor: The chicken and mushroom mix in the sausage makes for a fairly deep flavour profile compared to your ordinary sausage.
Why it scores: The caramelized onions it comes topped with are rich and delicious, and the bun it comes served on is just about perfect.
Reason to red card it: Big bun, large sausage: you might want to avoid this one if you’re not prepared to do some serious mouth breathing.

Grilled Italian Vegetable Ciabatta
Chef’s description: “Grilled and stacked high with melted mozzarella and Tomato Jam.”
Country of origin: Italy.
Originality factor: High. It’s not often sporting events have much in the way of good vegetarian options (peanuts don’t count) and this one will have you screaming “Goaaaaalaaaaa!”
Why it scores: It manages to have all the heft of a burger and the tomato jam it’s served with is mouth-watering. It’s also pretty huge.
Reason to red card it: All that ciabatta bread can make it a little dry.

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did somebody say “three balls in your mouth”?

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