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Extra Extra: Cathal Kelly’s an Idiot
March 6, 2009, 12:07 PM
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In response to Cathal Kelly’s artice: Bolting Becks deadly for MLS …

Upon reading his obituary in the New York Journal, Mark Twain wrote in May of 1897 “this report of my death was an exaggeration.” Reading the sports section of a popular local daily yesterday, Toronto FC fans had the same puzzled expression that Mr. Twain likely held the day he learned of his supposed expiration.

It’s an exciting time for TFC supporters. Their season seats and partial packages are close to hitting the courier vans which will go toward a third successive sold out season; the club has had an exemplary pre-season full of depth building and impressive on field displays; and this coming weekend just two weeks prior to MLS First Kick in Kansas City, TFC takes part in the annual Carolina Challenge Cup in Charleston that will indicate the preparedness of John Carver’s men heading into the season.

In the midst of all this excitement came wild predictions from one prominent local sports coroner that Major League Soccer’s rumored inability to hold on to David Beckham will lead in no uncertain terms to the “death” of the league. The assertion was that the league had invested so much emotionally on Mr. Beckham that it couldn’t recover from losing him; that entire clubs that existed prior to his arrival with strong owners and a steady base of support, will now just disappear.

Intellectual honesty would suggest the exact opposite is true. MLS’ goal was never to go “all in” on one player but rather build a strong foundation based on diverse and competent ownership groups which eventually led to the creation of soccer-specific stadiums for true supporters of the game. In strong ownership lies the strength of the league. That is why a very high level of scrutiny greeted several would-be MLS club owners seeking an expansion team, for which the applications have now dwindled down to the best of the best.

Two clubs who are specifically not hitting the “skids” but were mentioned without any primary sources or financial information are Dallas and Colorado. This is strange because both have strong owners such as the Hunt Family – soccer’s most generous patrons in America – on the side of the Texans and England’s Arsenal FC co-owner Stan Kroenke building his football dream in Colorado. Anyone who knows anything about soccer in North America would never question the credentials and commitment of these parties. Unfounded conjecture is unproductive.

All football supporters know that no player will ever be bigger than a club. So it goes that no player will ever be bigger than a league either. Players of various fame coming and going is a fact in football like in any other sport, except in the one true global sport, that reality is multiplied by dozens of countries, leagues and teams. Players move on and so do the supporters in bestowing their faith in someone more worthy. The world doesn’t end. Mark Twain also lived and penned many great works after his presumed death depicted by an overzealous obituary writer whose name nobody remembers.

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