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Training Notes
February 24, 2009, 10:48 PM
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With that caveat out of the way (ahem) sources in TFC camp have been feeding me some tidbits that may be of interest to the faithful. Nothing earth shattering, but something to chew on during this too-damn-cold-is-winter-bloody-over-yet day.

  • Yesterday’s addition of domestic defender Andrian Serioux (which is now official, by the way) was not the central defender that Mo Johnston has been targeting. Evidently the phone lines are still burning on that front (Du’etime and all that). But, everyone close to the situation says the same thing–it will happen. There will be another defender with the team when it breaks camp (The 24th Minute bullcrap meter says — highly likely!)
  • Stepfan Frei has all but won the back-up role and is pushing Greg Sutton to the max for the starting keeper position. Brian Edwards will likely be shipped off to another MLS team looking for a back-up (don’t expect more than a late draft pick TFC fans). Frei has literally been the talk of the camp. (The 24th Minute bullcrap metre says — likely).
  • Not so much a rumour, but an observation. Sam Cronin is turning heads and he may force his way into the starting line-up. It will be difficult — really he’s competing with Carl Robinson and it doesn’t seem likely that he will bump the veteran — but the rookie will see the pitch in 2009. (The 24th Minute bullcrap metre says — highly likely he’s turning heads; not likely he’s going to start)
  • Marco Velez is keeping his suitcase packed. This one I’m taking with a grain of salt for now because it seems as much TFC fan fantasy as it does legitimate rumour. However, Velez did seem to fall out of favour near the end of last season and if Nana Attakora continues to develop he could be excess baggage. Two sources told me that it’s a matter of when, not if, that Velez will be waved. Seattle has been suggested as a possible landing pad for him. (The 24th Minute bullcrap metre says — not enough information, but possible.)

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