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DeRosario holding out for dp money?
December 19, 2008, 11:37 PM
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… Looks like he has finally broken his silence.

Sort of.
A week after Toronto FC announced they had traded for the top Canadian player in Major League Soccer, we’ve heard very little from the team, and even less from De Rosario himself, about when he might arrive for a formal re-introduction to local media and fans.
As far as the media are concerned De Rosario is incommunicado these days. He’s not answering his phones (believe me, I’ve dialed every one) or his email (I tried that first). He did, however, post a blurb on his personal web site earlier this week, thanking Dynamo fans for supporting him during his three years in Houston.
But a message for TFC fans?
None on his site yet, and nothing relayed through the team or local media.
Now, the team might complain later that I’m missing the point, and that De Rosario has indeed spoken out on the team’s web site. But when you watch the video, note the Dynamo-orange trim on his T-shirt. This is archived footage, probably shot sometime around the All-Star game.
Monday morning the folks at TFC told me they would schedule a De Rosario news conference sometime this week — sooner rather than later. As the week wore on, sooner bled into later and I learned the team had pushed the news conference back to sometime in January, though nobody was quite sure when.
I’m not saying the team or the player are trying to hide anything, but lack of information on the biggest deal  the team has ever completed sure seems strange.
In lieu of a formal news conference I started making calls to different folks, trying to pull together a happy-homecoming -for-the-holidays type feature looking at De Rosario, his family and the impact his return to Toronto will have on the local and national soccer scenes.
Certain folks were willing to talk, like the Toronto Lynx and TFC officials like Paul Beirne and Tom Anselmi, who eagerly answered all my questions.
But from people closer to the action I’ve heard little but silence.
Silence from both De Rosario and his agent, and silence from De Rosario’s father, Tony, who said he’d love to interview but couldn’t until his son gave the green light. But that wouldn’t happen, he said, until his son, who was still in Houston, cleared some up some things. Beyond that he couldn’t elaborate.
Fair enough. Tony’s clearly close to his son, but it’s not his job to deal with this stuff.
But the lack of clear communication from those directly involved is baffling.
And here’s the thing about silence: it breeds speculation.
Right now, according to the Houston Chronicle, the speculation is that De Rosario wants a raise.

If you didn’t read the whole story I’ll point you to the important part.

The Dynamo tried to keep De Rosario happy in Houston, signing him to a long-term deal midway through the 2007 season that made him the team’s best-paid player at $325,000 (the league maximum at the time). Apparently, that wasn’t enough.

De Rosario, 30, asked to be traded to Toronto because that is home and because he is looking for a new long-term deal that includes a significant bump in compensation, although word from Toronto is that his new team might not be willing or able to comply.

Is that scenario plausible?
De Rosario is the the best and most marketable player TFC has ever acquired, so it’s reasonable to think he’d want a salary that reflects that status.
He has also been critical of BMO Field’s synthetic turf in the past. Couple that with his age — he’ll be 31 in May — and it’s not hard to imagine him wanting a bonus in exchange for the daily pounding that is training on BMO’s turf.
But does that mean this is what’s actually happening?
Not at all.
Even a plausible scenario can be wrong, and I wanted the truth. So I called TFC general manager Mo Johnston, hoping he could clarify things for me. After all, he seemed cheerful enough when he told Sportsnet’s Gerry Dobson that the delay in delivering De Rosario simply gave the team time to make a “big splash” in the new year.
But Johnston didn’t tell me about any “big splashes.” Instead he returned my call in a confrontational mood, asking why I’d called him.
Because I’m working on a story. That’s the only reason I ever call him.
He wasn’t happy that I had already called Beirne and Anselmi, and took my call to him as proof that I was trying to invent a De Rosario story where none existed.
Um… ok.
If I really were trying to concoct a story without facts I would avoid all the people directly involved (i.e. De Rosario, Beirne, Anselmi, Johnston), then field (justified) complaints from TFC that I’d written a big story without bothering to call the key players in it.
Instead, I go straight to the source and Johnston is still suspicious.
Go figure.
Anyway, Johnston assured me that the De Rosario deal was complete and that the two-time MLS Cup MVP was still in Houston but would arrive here eventually.
But when I asked him to address the speculation about De Rosario wanting more money, he didn’t dismiss the rumours as much as he dismissed me, telling me sarcastically to “trust your instincts.”


We’ve got a team and their star player both incommunicado for a week after the biggest transaction in either party’s history. Introductory news conference tentatively scheduled for this week is suddenly pushed back to some nebulous date in the new year. Rumours percolate that the star player wants a raise.
In a situation like this my instincts tell me to approach the people directly involved and get them to confirm or deny speculation. I’m in the truth business, so my instincts tell me to seek clarity and convey that clear message to readers.
And right now, in the absence of any clear answers from Johnston or De Rosario, my instincts tell me to keep questioning.
Johnston’s comments about a “big splash” in January convinced Sportsnet’s Dobson that “something is up” with Toronto FC.
After talking to Johnston and listening to a week of silence from De Rosario’s camp, I’ve reached the same conclusion.
Something is up.
But I still don’t even pretend to know what.

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